It all began in my younger years. I was joining my best friend at the time at some obnoxious boys celebration of birth from the year level above. Of course I wanted to take no part in it and would have preferred to linger in my own little world called “Eat dinner, read poems by E.E Cummings and then off to bed while gazing at my fairy lights and playing rain sounds from my laptop to effortlessly send me to sleep”. But no, I must attend this shitty excuse for a night out, and make small talk with people whom I had no interest in wasting my time with. So I did what any civilised partygoer would do. I drank. I drank till my actions and motions portrayed that of a highly uncivilised ape.

 A few hours past of ear numbing radio edited music with unnecessary DJ shout outs at the beginning of every single track. People were getting naked and launching themselves into the pool only to realise that the drinks they spilt earlier had shattered amongst the pool floor and penetrated their now bloody feet. I took pleasure in the knowledge that I would be able to walk properly tomorrow and that my dignity was still intact. And with that notion I walked out the door with my hands in the air producing one last fist pump as I made my way onto the street ordering myself a cab home.

I sat down on the driveway alone and waited. In the next few minutes a series of events progressed. Ruby and William came out from behind some bushes, Ruby flustered, cheeks red, shame splattered across her face.

“Evening!” William yells out.

Before stumbling toward the front door. Shoving past him dancing in my general direction appears Greg sitting himself down beside me insisting I return to the party. Slurring his words he managed to yell out into the quiet avenue.

“The party is just getting started”. Before slouching forwards into my lap.
I wistfully push him off before feeling a lump of spit across my forearm. Greg then manages to adjust himself after the blow, slouching over with his chin on his chest swaying back and fourth murmuring a sentence I couldn’t make out, I could only imagine it would be something slightly insulting.

I took no notice really, but was much more fixated on the peculiar contraption rolling down the street toward me. These two unfamiliar boys had planted a singular couch onto a skateboard and were riding it around the neighbourhood. Genius.

 “Hey!” I screamed.

“What?” The stranger reacts to my interruption of fun.

“What an earth are you doing”! I stood to get a better view of this uniquely assembled transportation device.

“Just rolling around creating our own fun due to the lame fact..” he paused for a moment, adjusting his weight so the couch wouldn’t fall completely to one side.

“That we weren’t invited!” He continued, his voice softening as he travelled closer.

“Why not?” I replied, intrigued and captured by this very lively wide-eyed character.

“Well, I think maybe they think I’m not cool enough” He replied as he lifted himself off the moving couch quite ungracefully, followed by sitting himself down beside me, smiling with intent.

“I should not see why, you seem.. Great.” I chuckled.

“Well clearly, look at the fun I’m having out here though, I don’t need them.” He then smiled again reaching out his hand for mine. “I’m Taylor.” He continued

“Pleasure to meet you,” My eyes wondered as I see a cabdriver pull up towards me.”But I have to leave my cab is here” I answered with regret.

“Well you don’t HAVE to leave you are choosing to.” he challenged. ”So you don’t have a name?” He then questioned, eager to investigate more.

 I wanted to say something witty but in that moment, factors like alcohol intoxication played a massive part in my ability to produce such charm. I responded with a simple wave, and without a word I placed myself inside the cab and just smiled with satisfaction. Something told me in that moment that he was mystified. He had no information about me apart from the fact that I associated with the people inside the house party he was denied an invitation to. I could see in his eyes as I left that it killed him not knowing, we were beautiful strangers. unaware that the future held something both wonderful and tragic for the both of us.